Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Pragya Sharma.

I feel extremely proud to present my first book. It is special not just because it is the first time I penned but also because it narrates my experiences of raising a special child.

The idea is to encourage fellow parents to stay persistent and not lose hope. The book does not share a magic solution; rather, it underlines the role of hope, resilience and perseverance that it takes to raise a special child.

Also, my larger aim behind writing is to create awareness about Autism and do my bit towards creating a truly inclusive community for everyone, irrespective of any diagnosis.

When I Met The “Unexpected”

A Guide for all Parents

Story Behind The Story

My Inspiration

We are often caught off-guard when life throws a bouncer at us.

I was also not prepared when my son was diagnosed with autism. I started like most others, but eventually, things began to work out for me. However, I still witness so many parents struggling for many years with the most basic questions.

Their struggle inspired me to pen down my experiences; I hope my story gives them some direction.

Most importantly, the idea is to provide them with hope.

Book Launch – Ask The Author Session hosted by Orane Kids

Presenting my journey of raising a Special Child


Available in multiple formats and languages; choose as per your preference.

Who Should Read This Book?

Parents of Special Kids

Though this book is about my journey while raising a child with autism, this book is not an Autism Guide.

It will be useful for parents of kids with any kind of challenge.

Parents of Young Kids

Special kids are very much a part of our society; a large part of their experience depends upon how teachers, peers and their parents are treating them.

As mentors of typical kids, it is your responsibility to instill sensitivity towards the special kids.

A Responsible Citizen

Autism or any sort of disability can happen to anyone. It does not differentiate as per color, caste, gender, or status.

The more you know, the better you will be prepared. After all, it could happen to your loved ones too.

Praise For The Book

Just one word to say – BRILLIANT

Moli Agarwal
Parent of a Special Child

It is like a handbook for the new parents to the less accepted group of our society – “parents of special kids

Krishna Kumari
Speech & Language Therapist

A must-read for every new as well as parents of older kids because somewhere we all need reminders.

Simmi Vasu
Special Educator

Extremely beneficial and informative.

Rashid Saifi
Occupational Therapist

Truly inspiring for everyone irrespective of whether they have any connection with a special child or not.

Anju Rani
Language Therapist

A truly inspiring book, striking the right note.

Dilip Mani
Music Therapist

What touched my heart is the honesty of the writer.

Monika Goyal
Parent of a Special Child

Highly recommended for all the parents.

Ankit Rastogi
Parent of a Typical Child

In candid conversation with Occupational Therapists from Vimhans Hospital, Delhi

A Sneak Peek


Don’t judge what you don’t understand


Like you and me, all they want is to be accepted and loved


Help them become the best version of themselves

10 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Awesome work. Inspirational journey, plethora of emotions, gives hope and strength to face life challenges. Guide for new parents. Creats awareness about special kids, their challenges and how can society become more accommodating and comforting not only to special people but their for their families too.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s just awesome

        Feeling that comes in can’t be describe in words

        Excellent work .
        I mean just out of the world
        I think now you have become a role model for everyone ……
        Woh kehte hai na ki difficult situation mein hi apke andar ki asli capabilities dhikhati hai ….

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I am a father of 2 little girls and I have read some introduction about this very inspiring book, looking forward to read the whole book. The book look very promising for parents who have young kids and it will definitely help to inculcate the best in our kids. Must read. Thanks Shiv ji and Pragya ji for sharing your experience in raising your brilliant child.

    Liked by 1 person

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