An Unexpected Call – Beginning of A Journey

“Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans”.

John Lennon

It has happened to me; it has happened to you; it has happened to everyone.

2015 – I was busy as well as super excited about my new house moving-in preparations. I had planned everything. I knew how I wanted my house to look like. I had shortlisted the wallpapers and color themes for each room. I knew which pictures would I love to see everyday in a family collage. I chose curtains keeping the color themes in mind.

Did I say I had an excel tracker to record the smallest of the details? Sounds crazy, yes, but that’s how I had been. Even as a child, I always planned my annual visits the moment the holiday calendar was out. My friends used to be amazed by the clarity of my travel plans (mostly to relatives’ houses); in January, I would know who I shall meet in October.

Owning a house is a dream for everyone; why would I not plan for this lifetime moment?  I had been waiting for this day for long. We had booked our house in 2011 and had been staying in a relative’s house since five years.

As the time approached closer, my husband and I started making daily visits to check on interior progress. These visits helped me figure out the shortest route from the office to our new address. Meanwhile, I also did my research to identify playschool options and then chose one my son would go to.

27th Jun 2015 – our four years-long wait came to an end and we moved in to ‘our’ house. We had a small housewarming party with only the immediate family members making through the invitation list. The first house is always special; especially, when you have yourself earned to make that dream come true. Both my husband and I were extremely happy, so were our families. It was such a wonderful feeling that had taken over us.

We spent about a month settling down, understanding the nuances of staying in a gated society, recruiting house helps, identifying neighborhood shops for essential services, and figuring out a new routine in general. Our son, Varenya started going to a nearby playschool. My travel time fell from three hours to one hour and that suddenly increased the number of hours I had in a day. I started spending a lot more time at home. As a result, I got an opportunity to observe and be with my toddler.

Everything was just perfect. Complete bliss.

23-Jul-2015: I received a call and nothing was the same anymore…

So much for Me being a planner!

Who was there on the call? What message did the caller convey?

For the answers, stay tuned for my next blog. Meanwhile, it will be great to hear about some interesting stories from you. Share it now.

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