What does that mean???

“I don’t think people understand how stressful it is to explain what’s going on in your head when you don’t even understand it yourself.”


We all have faced complicated and confusing situations in our lives. Some cause a lot more hair loss than the others but they keep visiting like an unwanted guest.

I have been taught to go back to the basics whenever in doubt and that has proven to be a success mantra in most cases. If basics don’t help then talking to loved ones or the ones who have a solution for everything, surely helps. But what do you do if it’s an unheard problem and you do not know what the basics are? Who do you go to? Who can be your agony aunt?

You must be thinking what a silly question it is; of course, Google baba hain na! But what if Google baba gives global and scary information and does not have answers to your specific questions; where do you go?

Such a situation can drive anyone nuts. Not sure about others but I had gone mad.

All of this happened after that call, I had left you guys with. It was Varenya’s class teacher on the other hand who wanted to meet me. He was only 2.2 years old back then; the teacher can’t be calling me for some complaints. The reason has to be better than that. To take my stress to the next level, the teacher expressed urgency and was not willing to wait till the Saturday that was just two days away. But still, I managed to get the Saturday appointment as Friday was already committed to an important official task.

25th July 2015: I went to his playschool where the teacher welcomed me with an extremely serious body language and tone. The whole atmosphere was enough to raise a parent’s heartbeat and blood pressure.

So, what has been bothering you about Varenya, please tell me, I asked while breaking the strange silence that was filled in the room. Ma’am, I would like to ask you a few questions about Varenya, she answered. Sure, but that you could have done on phone as well, I responded with a bit of irritation in my voice. Yeah, but I thought those questions will be better if discussed face to face, she said in her justification.

Alright. You may shoot your questions, I am all yours, I responded confidently. Though, internally I was having the nervousness that I have seen on the faces of thousands of candidates who I have interviewed over the last decade.

Here are the questions that were thrown at me.

  1. What is Varenya’s nickname?
  2. Does he watch cartoons?
  3. Who is his favorite cartoon character?
  4. Who is he more attached with? You or his father?
  5. What kind of games does he like to play?

She asked a few more on the similar lines and I was like, “what the hell?” She created so much suspense to ask “these” questions. Still, I had no option but to respond. Here is what I said in my response. 

  1. Varenya does not have a nickname.
  2. Since he does not watch cartoons, no favorite characters.
  3. He does not speak so far, so I can’t comment on his preference but he is comfortable with both of us.
  4. He is not into video games.

Hmmm, I suspected this only; I am not surprised, the teacher said in that “I know it all” tone.

What does that mean? I asked with curiosity and a little bit of fear in my voice.

It means, he is different and it has got nothing to do with his speech delay.

The class teacher

I don’t think I had ever been so puzzled. Why was she taking such simple things so seriously? What was on her mind? Was there something I was being blind to? What did she see in 3 weeks that I could not in 2 years?

Are you also equally confused? Wait for my next blog for the answers. Till then, take care and stay tuned. 

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