A Life Changing Event

It’s frightening how one day, one moment, one event, can change your life completely.


What is a Life-Changing Event?

As the name suggests, events that change the trajectory of our lives are known as Life-Changing events. Sometimes they happen as a result of cautious decisions that we take while there are times when we have no control over them.

Events like cracking the first job, getting married, or having a child will be on top of this list. These are usually pleasant and give us a new high when we step over the opposite side. Mostly we know the “rules of the game”, and we are ready for that leap. Since childhood, we have been conditioned to plan for these events and embrace them when they actually occur. 

Say when you decide to get married; you know what you are getting into, at least at a macro level. You know you will be living with a partner who may or may not be your clone. You know you will be expected to accommodate new rituals even when you do not believe in them. You know you will have a new family who will become equally important if not more. You are also prepared to accommodate changes to your lifestyle, routine, priorities, etc. And you surely know that no matter how perfect a couple looks, they all have their share of rough patches. 

There is an obvious nervousness and thrill just before the event happens, but subconsciously there is a countdown ticking in our head, and we are waiting for the timer to ring. 

On the other hand, there are unexpected events that occur without any prior notice and turn our lives upside down. It could be a sudden loss of a loved one, or an accident causing permanent damage to our physical or mental abilities or an expensive illness that derails our entire budgeting plan.

These events do not give you time to get ready. There is usually no cheat sheet, and you are expected to swim as you sink.


Something similar happened to me when Varenya’s class teacher expressed concerns over his social engagement, and therapy centers became my second home.

Soon I had a diagnosis that I was not even aware of; Autism, yes, a term that I did not know, existed. A condition that I had neither seen nor heard. It seemed as if the world had come to an end.

Though it all started with heartbreak, but eventually turned into a roller coaster ride with a fair share of magical moments. However, I wish I had a kunji I could have referred to, I seriously missed one.

Like they say, necessity is the mother of invention; I decided to convert my story into a book that will help create awareness about the condition and will work like a kunji to those struggling in similar boats.

And here I am with the book, for more details, please check my website – https://anunexpectedjourney.in/

Do checkout my book, When I Met The “Unexpected” – A Guide for All Parents, to learn more about how a Life Changing Event like this, can derail all the plans and life in general.

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